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2026-05-19 07:58 pm


❱ Karen Page
❱ Daredevil
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2016-07-20 01:05 pm
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[APP] The Calling



Player Name: Flynn
Player Age: 18+
Player Contact: [plurk.com profile] underwoodno5Characters Currently Played: also, playing Dejah Thoris, [personal profile] dejah_thoris 


Character Name: Karen Page
Character Age: 31
Wiki Page: MCU Wikia
Canon: Daredevil
Entry Point From Canon: season 2
Media Type: TV series
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2016-04-22 11:33 pm
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[for [personal profile] man_without_fear]

 "Here are the last of the files on the Palmer case, Mrs. Vargas called and rescheduled, and Joe Nguyen dropped off another case of mangos in lieu of an actual check."

Karen shifted his empty coffee cup to carefully set down the tower of folders at his right elbow.

"And.. that's it.  I'm done for the day."
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2016-04-22 11:20 pm
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IC Inbox

Hi, you've reached the inbox of Karen Page. I'm unable to answer your call at this time. Please leave a name and a way for me to reach you, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!

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2016-04-22 11:15 pm
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Thread tracking

✖ = dropped
✔ = finished


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