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Karen Page ([personal profile] aheroliveshere) wrote2016-04-22 11:15 pm
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Thread tracking

✖ = dropped
✔ = finished


22 - [PSL] Date Night with Matt [personal profile] man_without_fear

16 - TFLN with Bucky [personal profile] patriate
✔ with Foggy [personal profile] havent_the_foggiest
19 - Nap Attack with Matt [personal profile] jurisdevil
✔ 19 - Too Hot with Bucky [personal profile] formerweapon
✔ 20 - TFLN  with Foggy ([personal profile] foggybear )
✔ - with Frank ([personal profile] broughtthepain ) (cont'd NSFW)
23 - [PSL] Dirty Little Secrets, Dirty Little Lies with Frank ([personal profile] broughtthepain)
29 - [PSL] Winning the Bet with Bucky ([personal profile] formerweapon )

✔ 03 - Stranded on a desert island with Tony Stark ([personal profile] gbpp)
✔ 10 - TFLN with Pandora, Foggy, Frank
13 - [PSL] No Regrets with Frank ([personal profile] thegoodbad)
27 - Nursed Back To Health with Frank ([personal profile] thegoodbad) & ✔ Frank([personal profile] firingsquad)
30 - Get Territorial with Matt ([personal profile] perseaamericanaatlaw ) 

4 - [PSL] No Man Is An Island with Tony ([personal profile] gbpp)
20 - Little Steps with Tony ([personal profile] gbpp) (No Man Is An Island AU)
20 - Coffee Shop AU with Bucky ([personal profile] formerweapon)
21 - Net @ The Calling
22 - TFLN with Matt ([personal profile] takesabeating)
22 - TFLN with Frank ([personal profile] thegoodbad)

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